By 1983 I had already collected a suitcase-full of press articles about rock-band Status Quo and decided to compile them into an In Their Own Words format book, popular at the time.

In a cold flat in Witham, Essex, above High Street shops, I spent weeks clacking away on a cheap typewriter as I selected the various quotes and themes, literally cutting them out and assembling them into chapters by hand. When I thought I had the order right, my girlfriend’s sister went to some trouble to type a manuscript version.

Copies of this were posted to various publishers and rejection letters received! However, John Brown, then at Virgin, replied that it was an ‘interesting project’, and that he would put it forward at an upcoming editorial meeting. Alas, unlike John who went on to enormous success in the publishing world (including the Viz empire), my Quo project was not picked up. [I have kept the letter and when I find it (!) I will add it to this blog.]

After a Status Quo gig at the Regent Theatre, Ipswich, I thrust a copy of the manuscript towards Francis as he legged it towards the band’s coach. He took it but what I thought he would do with it I don’t really know. Ironically years later I ended working with the band on a documentary and many promo videos but never once mentioned to them the book. [See John Keeling Media]

A while ago I found the typewritten manuscript and painfully managed to produce a PDF from photocopies. That PDF is 3.2mb and is attached here: Status Quotes manuscript

I withheld copyright information from the original manuscript until I got into a meaningful conversation with a publisher (this did not happen). Most of the publications the interview quotes are lifted from are now defunct.

The quotes are completely accurate from source. Fans will notice one or two hilarious errors in song lyrics and any mistakes were mine.

I am posting this manuscript for Status Quo fans (especially those of the ‘Frantic Four’ line-up) and historians of the band – I hope it will be of interest.

Lastly: a big thank-you to Katrina Nicholls for so generously typing the original manuscript – a lovely lady.